Thursday, August 23, 2007

I should wear my swimsuit

If you were to dig a hole from where you are standing all the way through the center of the Earth, where would you end up?

My Results:

I’d end up in the Indian Ocean…
My hole

(Not sure I like that caption.)

If you dug a hole, where would your hole come out?


Anonymous said...

I come out in the same place

Anonymous said...

Wrong answer. Who needs this link? Everyone should know their hole is in Washington DC.

Anonymous said...

On May 16, 2006, vlogger ZeFrank challenged his viewers to make an Earth Sandwich by placing the Earth between two slices of bread on exact opposite sides of the globe (otherwise the world would just squirt out one side when you went to take the first bite). They succeeded (site .

Anonymous said...

guess it'd be hard to dig a hole to China. If you want to dig to China, you need to be on the south tip of south america.