Monday, August 20, 2007

Technical difficulties

PleaseStandByTechnicalDifficultiesI’m sorry I haven’t been posting.  Yesterday, my phone line and DSL line went out.  I called AT&T and they said it would be fixed by 6 pm today.   Well, the phone line was fixed, but I didn’t have DSL.   They had to put in a whole new line to the house.  On a ticket stuck to my front door it said there was moisture in the line…but it also had “lightning” written on the ticket.  

After about an hour on the phone with Raoul (from God knows where) I got to talk to a guy who told me it appeared my modem was fried.  He sent me to Best Buy to get a new one.  I got it and hooked it up.  Still nothing.   At least I was getting power to the thing, but no DSL.  After a couple of hours trying this and that (inside and outside in the dark)…I called back to AT&T tech support (at their direct number).  The tech advised me to try another phone jack.  BINGO!   It just popped on.  I think the lightning or whatever fried my phone jack or phone line. 

Anyway, I think I’m back on track.     I’ll be posting tomorrow.   I promise!  (I think)



Geoffrey said...

Maybe you can try WOK fii when you next get hit by lightning, somone will have an open connection you can steal into in an emergency.

Anonymous said...

We'll all be here waiting for you!