Sunday, September 02, 2007

On the way home

We departed Dubois Wyoming about 7 am this morning (Saturday).   We also departed with two of our riding companions, Mel & Janet.  They were going to go home a different way, to stop and visit with relatives near Denver.

We shot southeast across Wyoming (which I reiterate – is still very wide) and into Nebraska.  We ended up in North Platte Nebraska about 8 pm for the night.  We hit a little bit of rain and an incredible rainbow that went from one end to the other.

Reflections  There isn’t a lot to do (or see) in Nebraska, so I played around taking pictures while riding.  Actually, Nebraska is a lot more interesting than driving across Kansas which we’ll do tommorrow.

Cloud reflections in a chrome gas cap coverGas cap

Items in mirror are closer than they appear?  96 million miles isn’t that close.
Mirror sun2

Sunday, we’ll make it from North Platte Nebraska to Overland Park Kansas.  There we’ll stop in and visit with my brother and his family.   We’ll head for home Monday.

 Correction:  We won’t be crossing Kansas today (Sunday).  We’re crossing Nebraska to Iowa and then down I-29 to O.P.

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