Saturday, September 08, 2007

What Courses Women Want Their Men To Take

If women had control over what courses men should study. Following will be top 25 courses for that :

  1. You Too Can Do Housework

  2. Learning When To Keep Your Mouth Shut

  3. How To Fill An Ice Cube Tray

  4. Understanding the Female Response To You Coming In Drunk At 4 AM

  5. Wonderful Laundry Techniques

  6. Parenting – No, It Doesn't End With Conception

  7. Get a Life – Learn How To Cook

  8. How Not To Act Like a Butthead When You Are Obviously Wrong

  9. Spelling – Even You Can Get It Right

  10. Understanding Your Financial Incompetence

  11. Reasons To Give Flowers

  12. How To Stay Awake After

  13. Why It Is Unacceptable To Relieve Yourself

  14. Anywhere But the Bathroom

  15. Garbage – Getting It To the Curb

  16. You – The Weaker Sex

  17. You Can Fall Asleep Without It If You Really Try

  18. The Weekend and Sports Are Not Synonymous

  19. How To Put The Toilet Seat Down

  20. How To Go Shopping With Your Mate and Not Get Lost

  21. The Remote Control – Overcoming Your Dependency

  22. How Not To Act Younger Than Your Children

  23. You Too Can Be a Designated Driver

  24. Fluffing the Blankets After Farting is Not Necessary

  25. How To Take Illness Like a Man



Jonathan said...

26. Why you will hate your life after marrying the woman who wrote 1-25.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, number 17 is a marriage killer.