Thursday, November 08, 2007

Smiling Dalmation



Anonymous said...

We used to have a dalmatian. They are well known to do this. Her mother did it much more than her, but it was still fun to watch her do it every now and then.

Anonymous said...

My mom sent me that clip b/c it looks like one of our Dalmations who smiles.

How cute.

Deb in Colorado said...

Dalmations have such great personality. My dalmation Penny has always greeted me with smiles, quite often, and it seems to be her way of showing how happy she is by showing affection or enjoying the moment.
Penny... the sweetest dalmation ever!! A great companion and forever loved!!

Jen misses her marley said...

We did have a beautiful dalmation name Marley.She died last friday do to the battle of soft tissue sarcoma cancer ,I miss her dearly I was 14 years old when we got her now 11 years and she's gone due to the losing battle of cancer.we did everything we could to save her life,but the cancer matasisized .The radation and chemo couldn't beat the cancer that spread to our spine.I will miss her it feels like my hearts been broken.Her smile I will never see again.she was more thana dog she was family member That will never be forgotten the last pet of my childhood has passed.and there's a deep sadness in my heart that nothing could fix.very loving dal.I miss her so much she was put to sleep, because her life was ending she could eat or stand the cancer was already to far..not even the radation treatment or chemotherpy she went through she lost the battle to cancer..and my hearts shattered now

Jen misses her Marley said...

And my parents say you can't make an animal suffer that would be selfish,she was in so much pain, my mom and dad called said that I needed to say goodbye to her, over the cellphone,because I was 5 hours away from seeing her one last time and there wasen't enough time for me to get there to hold her one last time and say goodbye..I can't stop crying over her passing , because it's not fair I wish cancer never exsisted

jen said...

I always told Marley I loved her and she was always there for me through good and bad days,she wouldn't leave my lap when I was sick with cancer 6 years ago.she brighten up my day when I was sick licking my hand and giving kisses on my cheek she was there for me through every thing.I was there for her to ,but I couldn't at the end I was comming home from work when mom and dad says she was in bad shape.I wish I could have been there for her at her last day, but I had to work

Jonco said...

I'm sorry for your loss. You now have great memories that you'll keep for the rest of your life.
It does get easier as time goes on.
Take care.