Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Talk to a human being

Sometimes it’s very frustrating to go thru the telephone answering menu system for some companies… ok, most companies.  Here’s a lost of 70 companies with their toll-free numbers and tips on cutting thru their answering systems and possibly talking to a real human being.

Here are a few from the list:

  •  Bank of America         800-900-9000         Hit zero twice, after menu choices play
  •  Cingular                        800-331-0500          For faster service, press the option that you are looking to close your account,  You get the same ppl but an immediate answer
  •  Visa                               800-847-2911          Hit zero three times (ignore prompts saying that it's an invalid entry)
  •  AOL                              888-346-3704         0
  •  Dell                               888-560-8324         Hit zero twice
  •   SBC                              800-585-7928          Again, an (intelligent, this time) IVR wants YOUR phone number first.
  •  American Airlines       800-433-7300          Press zero twice, then say "agent"

See the whole list.


Hard to find phone numbers

Apparently it’s hard to find phone numbers that let you talk to real people at some tech companies.  Here are a few:

  • Amazon.com       Customer Service     800–201-7575
  • eBay                      408-376-7400
  • PayPal                    888-221-1161



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