Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hoaxer tricks testicle cooking contest

Kangaroo testicles Organisers of the world testicle cooking championships were left out of pocket after a hoaxer claimed to be Australia's top testicle cook.

A man claiming to be Australian chef Nibel Bevan rang the World Testicle Cooking Championship in Serbia, asking to take part.

Organiser Gornji Milanovac said they imported kangaroo testicles especially for the Australian team - but nobody turned up.

He said: "The caller told us cooked kangaroo testicles were a popular delicacy in Australia, and gave us the details of where we could get kangaroo testicles from so we could have them ready when Mr Bevan and his team arrived."

"We were disappointed when no Australians arrived, we even had a band ready to welcome them."

Ljubomir Erovic, who arranged a VIP reception for 'Mr Bevan', added: "We are sorry Mr Bevan could not make it, and hope he might still turn up next year once he realises that jokers have been pretending to be him.

"We would like to compare the testicles of a kangaroo to those of wild boars and bulls. That would really make our unique competition the World Championships."

via Ananova

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