Sunday, September 04, 2005

Man bowls over machine

Bowling contest Machine no match for top professional bowler


By Lucas Wiseman
USBC Communications

In the world of chess in 1997, a machine defeated the world's best human player. On Tuesday, one of the best bowlers in the world demolished his mechanical counterpart.

Defending Masters champion and one of the top professional bowlers in the world Danny Wiseman of Baltimore defeated "Harry" the ball-thrower in a race to five strikes at the United States Bowling Congress Research and Testing Facility on Tuesday.

While "Harry" was far from perfect, Wiseman was right on target, striking on his first five shots. "Harry" only managed one strike in five attempts.

"From what I was told, that thing was dialed in yesterday and was ready for me," Wiseman said. "I'm assuming because the environment changed with the lanes sitting all night that when they turned it on something wasn't right. I've seen it strike at will before, but I was fortunate because I wasn't even loose but was close enough to strike."

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