Thursday, September 08, 2005

How to make a toga

Mantoga Now on to the serious business of toga-tying....

  •           Don't use a sheet
  •           Let me repeat that
  •           Don't use a sheet

Go to a cloth store and BUY SOMETHING GOOD and, [shock of the century] SHEETS ARE REALLY EXPENSIVE! CLOTH IS CHEAPER. Really! I was surprised myself.


  •       Six Yards: this is the official recommendation. I think it's too long.
  •       Five Yards: a little closer to reality, how much draping do you want?
  •       Four Yards: good enough for a simple man's toga.

For those of you who have NEVER bought fabric, YOU control how much LENGTH you buy, the WIDTH is a standard width that all fabric seems to come in which is about five feet wide, roughly. I simply take that width, fold it in half, goes once around my waist (a good place to hide a belt), then over the shoulder and just drape from there.

The design is simple:

    * The toga cloth is basically long and narrow
    * (Which is why sheets don't work well)
    * Pin one end of it to your waist
    * Wrap it around you at least once
    * Should hang to about the knees
    * Pin it at the waist again, on the right or left side
    * Throw the rest over one shoulder
    * Around the back
    * Pin it at the waist again
    * Wear gym shorts underneath
    * Sandals, if possible
    * Carry something stupid like a sword

More on making Togas

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Anonymous said...

so.. this was takin' off of Ron's site...

Anonymous said...

Way to steal someone elses idea asshole...

Anonymous said...

haaha while reading this site...i thought i noticed something was familiar..nd then i read the comments...nd realized..where u got it...that is called plagorism

Anonymous said...

i like it in the butt

Anonymous said...

This site is really great! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think a few of you folks need to read the sub-heading of the page! Not to mention learn how to spell plagiarism!

Anonymous said...

You people are silly. BY the way... I remember something in my Latin class saying togas were typically 3 times the height of the wearer in terms of height. So if your 5ft tall... your toga length should be 15 feet... But I like lots of hazardous draping (it's fun when people trip over it).

Furthermore - you should check the fraying at the end of the fabric you're buying. Give it a slight tug at the cut end... if it's falling apart you wouldn't want that for toga, but you don't want something so heavy that it's bogging you down.