Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bus driver killed by bus while going home after last day of work

A widow has paid tribute to her husband who was killed in a collision with a bus.  Bus driver Henry Walker, 64, died after being struck by a bus on his way home from his last day at work before he retired. 
The accident happened on the A20 Sidcup section at the Fiveways Junction, in Eltham.

Mr Walker's white Ford Escort van and a bus were travelling in the opposite direction along Green Lane, when they collided.
Widow Marion Walker, who was married to Mr Walker for 45 years, said: "It's ironic, 30 years as a bus driver and it was a bus that took him out.   "It was his last day at work before he retired."



Update:  Headline changed (It said he was walking…but he was driving)

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Anonymous said...

Wait, Walker was not walking, he was driving an Escort. Maybe if Walker was walking, he'd have not been hit by that particular bus.
Wonder what the other bus driver's name is? Mr.Driver?