Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beartooth Scenic Highway

After breakfast at Granny’s Restaurant in downtown Cody Wyoming we headed up to Chief Joseph’s Scenic Byway on our way to the Beartooth Scenic Highway which took us up to the top of Beartooth Butte.  It was about  50 mile ride which took us over four hours with stops to take in the beautiful scenery.


Beautiful Beartooth Lake on the way up the mountain.
Baretooth Lake


At one of the scenic overlooks along the highway.


At another overlook near the summit.

We passed into Montana to finish the climb to the top of Beartooth.

At the summit.  Elevation 10,947 ft.  I could tell that there was less oxygen at that level.  I got tired walking out to the edge to take this picture.  The temperature was about 15 degrees cooler than it was at the bottom of the mountain.




On the way down.  We ended up in Red Lodge Montana where we had lunch.

Red Lodge

This little stream was behind the Red Box Drive-In Diner in Red Lodge Montana (where we had lunch).Brook

Tommorrow:  An early start to visit Yellowstone National Park, then we begin the journey home.  I’ll try to post tomorrow night if I have internet access wherever we stop.  (So far - so good, as far as that goes).


vsoops said...

If you keep taking these long road trips, you're going to have to join one of my other favorite

I've never been disappointed however, no guarantee. Here's some WY ones if you're still there.

La Comida - Cody, WY
Food Items: chile rellano, Chimichanga, quesadilla, Spinach Enchilada
2) Lisa's - Greybull, WY
Food Items: Biscuits & Gravy (1/2 order), Corned Beef Hash, French Toast, Puff Scrambles, Small Fry Bread
3) Mint Bar - Sheridan, WY
Food Items: beer, whiskey
4) Noon Break - Cody, WY
Food Items: buckwheat pancakes, Chips & Salsa, Code Ten chili, Smothered Tamales, Soft Taco Plate
5) Waldorf A'Story - Story, WY
Food Items: Breakfast Samich
6) Wapiti Lodge & Steak House - Cody, WY
Food Items: Lamb Chops, Relish Tray, Ribeye Steak
7) Yellowstone Drug - Shoshoni, WY
Food Items: Cheeseburger, milk shake

sandy shoes said...

Beautiful. I haven't been to Red Lodge in 20 years. Your photos brought back some memories!

hayshaker said...

I did that ride on my Honda back in '95. We didn't realize it when we went, but we were there the first day the road opened and the snow was still about 10 ft deep at the top. The plow had just punched a hole through.

Great ride!

Casey said...

That was some great pictures...Totally that I'm back at the grind with school.
Nice blog...I visit it often

Christiaan said...

Jonco, thank you for the beautiful pics! What an amazing country we live in. Now I know I want to head out that way myself. Too bad I don't ride a motorcycle, though. I'm envious of you all.

Oh, and LOVE the cap! I'm still holding out for another chance this year for those Redbirds.

Anonymous said...

I was in college when I spent 2 summers working in Yellowstone, one of my day trips was to Red Lodge to check out that area. Just incredible!
Thanks for the memory jog!

Anonymous said...

awesome pics