Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Spearfish1We left early this morning from Rapid City and headed to Spearfish Canyon.   A scenic ride to be sure.  We only went in about 5 miles then turned around and came back because we had a long ride to Cody Wyoming. 

It wasn’t too long before we crossed the border into Wyoming.
Wyoming welcome

We stopped for lunch at the Cowboy Saloon in Buffalo Wyoming. This is where you can find a phone booth.  Not an ordinary phone booth (which is hard enough to find these days), but a Cell Phone Booth.
Cell phone booth

We crossed the Big Horn Mountains just outside of Buffalo Wyoming.


After getting through the mountains the rest of Wyoming pretty much looks the same.  Small rolling hills and lot’s of sagebrush.  I can also tell you it’s a wide state.  It seemed like it took forever to get to Cody.


Tomorrow we’re off to ride the Beartooth Scenic Highway, which is about 30 miles out of Cody and ends after about 50 miles of twists and turns at Red Lodge Montana.  From there we’ll traverse back down Beartooth (they say the view is completely different the other way) and back into Cody for another night.  




Dan said...

I envy you so much.

How about commenting on RV's? I'm sure you're encountering your share of geezers driving lumbering mammoth vehicles.

Anonymous said...

A friend is in Yellowstone this week and ran into Tom Brokaw at Old Faithful Inn tonight. If you run into him, don't expect him to pose for a pic.

Shel said...

Eat at the Proud Cut in Cody.