Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Florida..... It's hot and muggy... just like St. Louis

Sunshine SkwayAlthough the temp is a tad cooler … the high today was 91 but the humidity seemed worse than in St. Louis.  (87% here).  There were afternoon and evening storms which is typical for this area.  I’m always amazed at the clouds in Florida.   They are almost always so interesting to me.  The picture at right is when I was crossing the Sunshine Skyway Bridge just south of St. Pete, heading for Port Charlotte.  (They’re in the midst of a painting project it seems.)  It’s always a beautiful scene.

After visiting my aunt this afternoon, I went to the Regal 16 Cinema and saw The Borne Ultimatum movie.  It was good and I followed it for the most part.   Totally unbelievable that shit like that can happen, but still entertaining.  (And that’s why I go to movies… to be entertained on one lever or another.)

Then I went to Gatorz (in Port Charlotte) for some wings and a pitcher of beer (my dinner).

Then I came back to my aunts house and to my surprise, I found a wireless signal that I could leach onto.   I guess it’s not really ethical to do that, but what the heck.

I don’t know how long the signal will last,but if it’s here tomorrow, I’ll probably post some more.

BTW… when I got off the plane in Tampa, I went right to the men’s room, as many people do, and did my duty.  When I was leaving the men’s room, I realized I didn’t have my cell phone.   Luckily, the plane I arrived on was still sitting at the gate.  I was able to retrieve the phone without any problems. It was laying in the seat and had somehow jumped off my pants.  DOH!

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Anonymous said...

It jumped out of your pants because you had to do a "duty", I mean "doodie"!