Friday, August 17, 2007

Half way home

Put a few miles on Charlotte (that’s what I think I’ll call her). 540 miles. Almost exactly half way. I stopped just south of Atlanta. The trafic was backing up and it was starting to rain. (There are severe thunderstom warnings.) She rode real well, but it was really hot. I feel like I’m dehydrated. I just had a shower and ate at a restaurant across from my $109 hotel.

At my last gas stop before Atlanta, I met a couple who are from England. They were cooling off in the shade of the gas pump cover. It took me a minute to realize he was in his underwear and a shirt, He had taken his pants off to cool off. They had flown from England to Miami. They bought a bike there and were on a 3 week tour of the U.S. Their main goal is to attend an 11 day race that starts in St. Louis. What a coincidence. We departed together from the station and got split up on the highway. But we both ended up in the same hotel.

He (Nick) said gas was about $6 per gallon in England. I just love to listed to people with a British accent.

Good luck to Nick & Jules.

I’m off to bed as I’m exhausted. Planning an early departure in the morning. Hopefully it’ll clear off tomorrow. I’m hot crazy about riding in the rain.


Ian said...

On behalf of the Royal Family and the British Public may I apologise for another tourist in their underwear. Please just put it down to the effects of Victorian prudery starting to wear off. Mayhap the fumes from relatively cheap petrol were a factor. One may only hope that they weren't tighty-whities or skiddy-widdies. Sorry...

bitscared said...

I love the name Charlotte! She looks like a Charlotte all beautiful and scarlet! Safe riding Jonco.

Anonymous said...

Jonco,since you're already in Atlanta, why don't you head a bit farther north to Deals Gap NC and ride the "Tail of the Dragon"? We just returned from there and had an awesome time! Great roads for biking all around!
Also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site! (Thanks)

Anonymous said...

That 11 day race is the Iron Butt Rally. Competitors try to earn as many points as possible by riding to different locations, while averaging over 1,000 miles per day. It's a very hard core group! I wonder if that couple is riding in it or just observing.

g-a-b said...

when you get home

John said...

What Carol said...bananas.

Or Gatoraide