Monday, September 03, 2007

Tie down your chopper... then try to take off

Don’t try this at home….



Anonymous said...

Hahahaha...what is this thing made out of, 100% all natural Fail?

Anonymous said...

pretty neat to watch, but it was obviously somesort of failure test. you can see the verticle post in-line with the machine and the camera is also in-line and tripod mounted.

Tim said...

looks like the outlock on one of the rear blades failed. That let the blade fold back to storage postition and unbalanced the whole mess.

Centrifugal force will keep it out in postition at higher rpm, but once the rpms of the rotor head drop, wind resistance folds the blade back. At that point, there is nothing that can be done.

I am suprised that the rear mast held up as long as it did.

This video further proves the point that helicopters are an abomination, and nature will do whatever is neccesary to eleminate them.


Anonymous said...

This is a military test of rotor resonance. They found that sometimes the rotors of a helicopter will vibrate at the exact frequecy of the ground below them causing the whole thing to tear itself apart. The only way to get out of it is to take off. Unfortunately giant chains make that difficult for this helicopter, hehe.

Anonymous said...

You all are wrong, I'm an A&P mechanic and in school, they showed us that same video. It's a CH-47 Chinook, one little thing cause that. Can any one guess. A backwards bolt. Yes just one little backwards bolt cased that.