Tuesday, November 06, 2007

If looks could kill.....

…my nephew would be dead.

Looks kill [50%]
This is a pic of my nephew tempting his daughter Brianna with a drink of his beer at a Cardinal game this summer.


Anonymous said...

Looks like evidence for his child endangerment trial. I'd take it off the internet if I was you.

Anonymous said...

Why protect him? If she's endangered, then let there be a trial.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez... child endangerment.... what a world we live in. You know, my grandfather used to let me sip the suds off his beer when he poured it.. OMG, call child welfare! I grew up to be a deviant who hasn't been drunk one day in his life. My grandfather should have been put in jail and never let out. What a monster!

Get a grip people. Get on the case of people who ACTUALLY hurt their kids... at the very least, mind your own fucking business when you can clearly tell it was in a joking manner and not meant to hurt the kid..

Man, dude, you have waay to many liberal know-it-all, find everything offensive snoots who post on here.

Anonymous said...

note to anonymous number three: You might not agree with the laws but it is child endangerment and it would be well advised that the poster of the picture remove it...that said one has the right to free speech

Unknown said...

Everyone has the right to free speech this is true... but if we all look back in our childhood I bet we can all find something just like this that in todays world would be considered child endangerment. My parents offered me up their booze or beers when i was a little kid too. Heck when I got in trouble my mom use to whack my butt with a wooden spoon...that would be considered abuse by todays standards. Society has certainly gone down the oh poor me im a victim road a bit too far.

Anonymous said...

Just say no sweety. You'll be learning that in school in a couple of years, then you'll be confused by what your daddy is teaching you.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous #3 - RIGHT ON!

The world is full of pansies... politically correct pansies. Grow a set everyone else. And since you're all worrying about "evidence", there is not any proof the child drank any and no proof it was anything illegal in that cup.

What has this world turned into?

People suing McDonald's because they are fat. (OMG)

Parents suing schools because the teacher used a red pen. (OMFG)

We have to translate "standardized test" into other languages. (YGBSM)

We have to give "undocumented" aliens a drivers license because they're going to drive anyway. (WTF?)

Public officials fired from their jobs because of incompetence, but they don't leave for over 90 days so they can collect another tier on their pension. (It's good to be king)

And you're worried about a little girl taking a sip of beer????!!!!

Jonco said...

You guys are missing the point. She didn't take a sip. He was just teasing her with the sip to get the reaction from his fiance... which was very successful.

Anonymous said...

To me it looks like she's thinkin': "oh god, here he goes again..."

and to EVERYONE whose posting- you all need to take a chill pill.

I can see both sides of the issue here, but I don't know why people have to act like assholes and write novels about it! (#3 and woohoo- regardless if their thinking is right or wrong they both need to get laid!

Anonymous said...

It would be funnier if he was juggling bowling balls, and his fiance gave that look. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

(#3 and woohoo- regardless if their thinking is right or wrong they both need to get laid!)

That's not the problem, but why did you mention it? Are you offering a solution?

Anonymous said...


bend over.

Anonymous said...

Child endangerment!?! Are you lote for real? You live in America where ANYONE can own a gun & you're worried about a sip of beer. Thank God we despatched our Puritans over there and our ancestors stayed in civilised, free-thinking & cultured Europe.