Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ambiguous art

What do you see in these images?

Do you see a frog?  Or do you see a horse’s head emerging from the water?

Do you see a skull…. or two men discussing the power of a potion?

Do you see a skull…. or a woman sitting at her dressing table in this ad for Christian Dior’s perfume Poison?

Pierots love
 This painting is called "Pierrot's Love". It was painted in 1905 and is another good example of ambiguous image. I think it is brilliant that the cuffs of the clown's costume makes the nostril holes of the skull. Again, the power of suggestion can sway your interpretation one way or the other.

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Derek Brink said...

Wow...I want the skull/potion one on a t-shirt. Never seen that one before.

Anonymous said...

here's another one from

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