Saturday, December 29, 2007

New blood alcohol record of .69

WashleymuginFrom The Smoking Gun

Meet Willard Ashley III. Just when we thought Cloyd Dull's blood alcohol record was safe, the 32-year-old Indiana man blew an amazing .69 Saturday, according to this LaPorte County Sheriff's report. Ashley, pictured at right following a prior arrest, was taken to a nearby hospital and will be charged with public intoxication upon his release. In Indiana, a blood alcohol measurement of .08 is considered legally intoxicated.

From a name used by a Bits & Pieces commenter on this post


mcv said...

Just for the record: blowing as a measure for level of alcohol in blood is quite unreliable.

For example: blowing right after you have taken a zip gives quite lopsided results. I have witnessed someone blowing 0.5 after just one zip.

Second you can be fully intoxicated and not blow anything: as long as the alcohol entered your bloodstreem any other way than your oesophagus

Ride Fast said...

Ah, no. The breath test measures alcohol in the blood. Doesn't matter how it got there, as the blood passes through the lungs alcohol is off gassed and detectable.

Also, I think a human would die with a BAL of 0.69, thats over eight times drunk at 0.08.

WooHoo said...

It does look lik derek brink

Anonymous said...

They photoshopped Derek in, he innocent!

Anonymous said...

it is derek brink. just another saturday night.

Anonymous said...

breath tests admissable in court include a monitoring period, to avoid the problem of mouth alchohol etc. I do doubt this somehow though, he should be dead. I am in law enforcement, and thought I was doing good when I got a guy at .307
Guess I gotta keep looking.