Sunday, December 23, 2007

A simpler mouse trap... The ISS Mouse Trap

ISS Moust trapThis is actually available on

The ISS Mouse Trap

The It’s So Simple multi-catch mouse trap requires a five gallon plastic pail with about three inches of water in it (the water is also bait in dry environments) or dry if live catch. Just bait the bait holder hanging down from the ramp with peanut butter, cheese or other food with good aroma, set up in an out of the way area over the pail with the screw head down and on the inside of the pail. Check every few hours to release your live catch or periodically to dispose of the drowned rodents and to add water as needed.

$8.98     Bucket not included.



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Anonymous said...

We have this under our house and in our garage. It works but its gross.