Friday, August 25, 2006

Two-headed animal exhibit on display in St. Louis

Snake16storyWith regard to snakes, there are Guinness World Records for the heaviest living snake, longest fangs and even one for sitting in a bathtub with the most live rattlesnakes.

In regard to multiple heads, there are Guinness records for the most heads of state together, most heads shaved in four hours and the most consecutive haircuts given in a day.

But a record that combines snakes and multiple heads? A record, say, for the largest exhibit of two-headed animals?

Not yet . . . but coming soon to an aquarium near you.

Though the vaunted Guinness Book of World Records lists no such record now, the World Aquarium at the City Museum near downtown St. Louis hopes to change that with an exhibit starting Tuesday next week and running through Sept. 5. The exhibit will feature We - the aquarium's rare albino two-headed black rat snake - and nine other two-headed snakes and turtles owned by Fred Lally of West Fork, Ark.

Aquarium president Leonard Sonnenschein is hoping a local reptile dealer with a two-headed snake also will join the exhibit, which would boost the head count to 22.

"It should be a huge two-headed party," Sonnenschein said Tuesday.

 The City Museum is at 701 North 15th Street.

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