Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Logo announced for 2012 Olympics in London

2012bOrganizers of the London 2012 Olympics unveiled the games logo on Monday, calling it powerful and modern, although one critic denounced it as "hideous".  Another said it reminded him of Lisa Simpson performing oral sex.
The jagged, graffiti-like blow-up of the number 2012 comes in a range of colors including hot pink and electric blue.  
BBC readers have suggest many other – BETTER – logos.  some created in just minutes. 

Here is just one that sure looks better to me.  It’s cute and it’s clever.

More suggestions found here.


Miss Cellania said...

As many times as I've looked at that logo, and even posted about it, I never saw the 2012 in it til you mentioned it. I thought it was random shapes!

Yes, the second logo is pleasant AND clever.

Anonymous said...

Which idiot picked that design. Hot pink and blue?!?! What is WRONG with some people?

Anonymous said...

In my graphic design circles, we call stuff like that pink logo "nephew art". It looks like someone with no training whatsoever sold a line of BS up the chain of command with the Olympics Committee.

I LOVE your revision. Nicely done.

Nomyia said...

That's plain terrible. The second suggestions is just fine

Jon said...

nonymous #2,
It wasn't MY revision. It was just one that I found.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Don said...


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