Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The origin of state names

Here are a few from the list:

  • ALABAMA. Possibly from the Creek Indian word alibamo, meaning "we stay here."

  • COLORADO. Means "red" in Spanish. The name was originally applied to the Colorado River, whose waters are reddish with canyon clay.

  • DELAWARE. Named after Lord De La Warr, a governor of Virginia. Originally used only to name the Delaware River.

  • FLORIDA. Explorer Ponce de Leon named the state Pascua Florida - "flowery Easter"—on Easter Sunday in 1513.

  • ILLINOIS. The French bastardization of the Algonquin word illini, which means "men."

  • KANSAS. Taken from the Sioux word for "south wind people," their name for anyone who lived south of Sioux territory.

The complete list


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Anonymous said...

According to my knowledge of spanish "colorado" means "colored" as in spanish "color" is color while red is "rojo".