Saturday, June 09, 2007

Whic movie reviews should I believe?

These days, anyone can be a published film critic, but who should you listen to when you can find both negative and positive movie reviews for anything out there? Now, the answer is simple! Compare your personal movie reviews with the movie reviews of some of the most prolific movie critics. 

All you do is rate 50 movies with your own four star rating and it will select which reviewer agrees with you most.  Just skip the movies you haven’t seen.   It doesn’t take long at all to do. 

The result is that you'll know who your movie critic match is, and where to go for the movie reviews that will help you find the movies you'll love. Which critic's movie reviews do you agree with the most?

Here are my results:

  • Rotten Tomatoes : 89%

  • Peter Travers : 88%

  • James Bernadelli : 87%

  • Roger Ebert : 82%


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