Sunday, August 05, 2007

Redneck of the month

This lesson is on how not to do things seems to totally escape some people.
I'd love to see how the trip ended up but I feel confident he ended up in a ravine somewhere wondering why bad things seems to always happen to him. 

He's hooked up and ready to fly!! It's amazing how the extra weight really smoothed out the ride in the truck.
He did have to air up the rear tires a bit (around 160 psi)

He added some heavy-duty chain for extra support on the tailgate (note that he used the 'Heavy-Duty 'S' hooks to attach the chain).   He also paid-up for some BIG 5/16 sheet metal screws to attach the frame to the tailgate. Yeah, he knows it's overkill, but he didn't want the possibility of having an accident.

Much of his time was spent on his front porch whittling down that MASSIVE 4x4 board to fit precisely into the ball mount receiver. Also note that he used a 14' piece of 4x4 to help distribute the load more evenly--'YOU CAN'T BE TOO SAFE, YOU KNOW!!'. ' It cost a little more, but you just can't be too safe when pulling a trailer of this magnitude !!'.

Look out Utah , cause here he comes !!!!

Thanks Joe P


Anonymous said...

I say he gets about 5 feet down the road lol

Anonymous said...

heh heh, rednecks they are just not in one state...they are everywhere.