Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Store thief gets his ass kicked

A dude pulls out a big knife and tries to rob a store but when the robbery starts to go bad and he leaves the owner kicks his ass and ties him up for the cops.  I like to see this stuff happen to these bad asses.



Anonymous said...

I can't believe that lady who was getting gas calmly walks by the store owner wrestling the lowlife to the ground, all the while holding her little girl's hand. Get back in your car, gas! Just kidding. Kudos to the store owner for having the juevos to do what he did.

Anonymous said...

I love stuff like this too. In that situation, 90% of the time you'd be a victim, but these people turned the tide. They even hog-tied him by the end as the cops rolled up. I bet they got hero badges for that one.

Anonymous said...

Know what irks me? The fact that NO ONE but that one guy stopped to help the store owner. And it looks like maybe he worked there. People just walked on by as if nothing was happening. I wouldn't LIKE to get involved either, but I'm gonna help a guy if he's in the right.