Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You Know You're From St. Louis When...

Many of you readers will have no idea what this is all about, but if you’re familiar with St. Louis, you’ll get most of these.  If you’re completely lost don’t change the channel, just tune into the next post.

You Know You're From St. Louis When...

You love toasted ravioli with Budweiser beer.
"Vacation" is a choice between Silver Dollar City and Lake of the Ozarks .
You can find Pestalozzi Street by aroma alone.
You can get anywhere in 20 minutes, except on highway 40.
You can debate for 30 minutes whether Missouri Baking or Marge Amighetti makes the best Italian bread.
You know what "Party Cove" is, and where the "lake" is.
You still can't believe the Arena is gone.
Your first question to a new person is, "Where did you go to High School?"
Your non-St. Louisan friends always ask if you're aware there is no "r" in "wash."
You know at least one person who's gotten hurt at Johnson Shut-ins.
You know in your heart that Mizzou can beat Nebraska in football.
You think the four major food groups are Beef, Pork, Budweiser and Imo's.
You know there are really only three salad dressings: Imo's, Zia's and Rich and Charlie's.
You'll pay for your kid to go to college unless they want to go to KU.
You would rather have a root canal without anesthetic than drive on Manchester on a Saturday afternoon.
It just doesn't seem like a wedding without mostaciolli. AND YOU PRONOUNCE IT 'MUSKACHOLLI'. The balance of the menu is ham, boiled roast beef, string beans with ham and of course pitchers of Busch Bavarian (class weddings have Bud).
You know, within a three-mile radius, where another St. Louisan grew up as soon as they open their mouth.
You know what a Pork Steak is and what kind of sauce to put on it!
Everyone in your family has floated the Meramec River at least once.
A 'hoosier' is someone that lives just south of Chouteau, not a person from Indiana .
You have made fun of Mike Shannon and tried to imitate him ordering another cold, frosty Busch Bavarian Beer.
You have listened to Mike's broadcast on KMOX, while watching the game on TV and wonder what game he is watching.
A tear forms in your eye as someone mentions their favorite Jack Buck story.
You've said, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."
Your favorite summer treat is handed to you upside-down.
You bleed Blue between September and May.
You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from St. Louis .

Thanks Joe P


Tor said...

Heh. I got it, living just 'cross the river in O'fallon

Tim said...

You forgot one.

Going to 'the east side' will piss your wife off.