Thursday, October 25, 2007

Anagrams for Ann Coulter & Rush Limbaugh

Ann Coulter
 Unclean Rot
Corneal Nut
Rectal Noun
Cannot Rule
Loaner Cunt
Annul Recto
Can Lure Not
Real Con Nut
Real Cunt On
An Ulcer Not
La Cunt En Or

Rush Limbaugh
Hamburg Lush I
Bah Girl Humus
Lumbar Hug His
Magi Bush Hurl
Sigma Hub Hurl
Ham Hubris Lug
A Big Hurl Mush
A Bug Him Hurls

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Anonymous said...

Ann C is Hot Hot Hot... while Rush is a big Pile of Crap.. don't see the

Anonymous said...

I guess you are a liberal since you didn't include any Dems.

How about one for Bits and Pieces.
"Bias Inspected"

Jon said...

Anonymous #2,
You guess wrong... I'm not a liberal (nor a conservative). I like to think I'm just lazy. I found the two I used as the most recognizable names of the four that were listed on the link page. I took no consideration of their political views when I chose them. Sure, I could have stopped searching for things to post and spent an hour at an anagram producing website coming up with names that would counter-balance those two... but I chose to post what I found. End of story. I would just as quickly used some democrat if it were listed (and I thought it was funny or interesting), but I didn't find that.
Thanks for reading and commenting. And... don't be so quick to judge.