Thursday, October 25, 2007

St. Louis' new slogan

StlouSt. Louis tourism officials have “purchased” a new slogan for the city of St. Louis to promote tourism.     Many people here (my home town) are upset with the new logo and slogan.   No one locally calls our city  St. Lou.  It’s St. Louis!

To ad insult to injury we found out the All Within Reach part of the slogan is already the slogan for two other cities.  This only cost our city $47,000 in consultant fees.

In an effort to help the city come up with a new slogan, asked its readers to submit their ideas.  Here are just some of them:

  • St. Louis: At least we are not on fire!

  • St. Louis, hey, at least you like us at Mardi Gras

  • St. Louis, Gateway to Elsewhere

  • St. Louis: Come for the Arch 'cause there's nothing else to do.

  • St. Louis: It's like Branson, but without the entertainment

  • St. Louis, where america should have stopped.

  • St.Louis: Where our baseball teams occasionally plays in October, unlike that team up north that plays in a park named after chewing gum.

  • St. Louis, it's practically Illinois.

  • BEAT ME in St. Louis!

  • St. Louis: Fading in relevance since 1764.

  • Saint Louis: Putting the "Loo" in Louis and the "ain't" in Saint.

  • St. Louis: what do you mean you've never heard of a pork steak?

  • St. Louis - we've changed, we're not a French city anymore

  • St. Louis: For the Love of God, Don't Cross the River

  • St. Louis: Live the Smell

  • St. Louis: There's nothing here, but at least you can see it from the Arch.

  • St. Louis: They Shot Part Of Escape From New York Here

  • St Louis: You're soaking in it

  • St. Louis: Fewer mullets than Kansas City!

  • St. Louis: We have no Arch rival!

  • St. Louis – Because it matters where you went to high school

  • St. Louis - City with way too many churches

  • St Louis - "andro" isn't just for androgeny anymore!

  • St. Louis- the perfect ghettoway

  • St. Louis: More here than in Rolla.

  • St. Louis - Where the highway construction never ends.

  • St. Louis: Ugliest women this side of West Virginia.

  • St. Louis: Yeah, you could drive 3 more hours to Kansas City, or you can save a trip and kill yourself here.

  • St. Louis - Flush twice, it's a long way to the Anhueser-Busch brewery.

  • Eat me in Saint Louis.

  • St. Louis: A drinking town with a baseball problem.

  • St. Louis: The Bowling Capital of America.

  • St. Louis: wearing neutral gang colors won't help you here!

  • St. Louis: At least the Zoo is free.

  • St. Louis: Powered by AmerenUE for more than one hu

  • St. Louis: If it were any nicer you probably couldn't afford to live here.

  • St. Louis – Pretending to be an East Coast city since 1850.

  • Saint Louis: We were named by the French, but we learned to suck on our own.

  • Saint Louis: Our cabdrivers smell better than yours.

  • St. Louis - Our zoo has animals.

  • St. Louis: It's Klan-tastic!

  • St Louis: Sometimes we're under your plane.

  • St.Louis: The only city in America that's stapled to the ground.

  • "St. Louis: We've got a new slogan!"

  • St. Louis - No way through, no way around.

  • St Louis: Where Fred Sanford got his start.  (Birthplace of Red Foxx)

  • St. Louis: Has nothing whatsoever to do with East St. Louis.

  • St. Louis – The Toledo of Missouri.

  • St. Louis - Devlin free since 2007

  • St. Louis – Gateway to the state of Misery

  • St. Louis - No highway 40 traffic jams for two years.

  • St. Louis – You’ve seen us on COPS, now join the fun!

  • St. Louis: the metropolitan equiviant of that little room seperating the Denny's Lobby from the Denny's Bathroom!

  • St Louis- we want to be Chicago when we grow up

  • St. Louis – Home of the 50–inch waistline.

  • St. Louis: It could be worse. You could be in Des Moines

  • St. Louis – At least we're not East St. Loius!

  • St. Louis – If we had another arch, we'd have a McDonalds.

  • St. Louis – The charm outweighs the crime!

  • St. Louis – St. Louis: Hot, but muggy

  • St. Louis, we just found Google last month!

  • St. Louis: hey at least we aren't pronounced LOUIEEVILLE

  • St Louis: Gateway to Pretty Much Nowhere!

  • St. Louis: Safer than Detroit!

  • St. Louis - We won as many games in the post season as the Cubs.

  • St Louis: Living in Chicago's shadow for over 100 years.

  • St. Louis: Smell the airport!

  • St. Louis: Hey, at least we're upstream from Arkansas

  • St. Louis: One arch away from a trademark violation.

  • St. Louis! It's All Downstream From Here!

Update:  A few more funny ones:

  •  St. Louis: Always a Dull Moment

  •  St Louis: Home of the Whatchamacallit

  •  Missouri loves company

  •  St. Louis: "We had Harry Caray back when he made sense and you could still understand him!"



Anonymous said...

Well, at least price was reasonable.

What do you think, what were the consulting fees of "Welcome to Estonia" - it's an official slogan of Estonia (small European country)

1 million dollars!!

Anonymous said...

how about St.Louis where money is no object in creating a stupid sign.

Anonymous said...

St. Louis: As Seen On National Lampoon's Vacation

Chelsea said...

I call it the Lou as do several people I know, so st. Lou is.... great! I think!!!