Monday, October 22, 2007

Retirement plan?




Anonymous said...

what's with those africans.... first it's blood diamonds, then they want to give you all kinds of money... Hummmmm especially to people who don't need it... don't they know they have starving people over

phenotyp said...

Stolen from

Don't be a jerk. Give credit where it's due, and don't support people who steal others' work.

Jonco said...

Cool your jets man. I didn't steal it from anyone. I got it from
Do you really expect me to know the origin of an image on the internet?
I linked to where I found the picture.
By your definition I'm a jerk because I haven't scoured the entire internet and found that deaddog didn't create the picture?

(GRRrrrr... some people.)

Anonymous said...

Clearly you've never had your work stolen.
Just give the artists proper attribution, now that you know, eh?

Jonco said...

I have had several picture I took that were posted here that I've seen posted elsewhere and no credit was given to me as the source (I just can't use the word stolen) and I'm not upset about it. With that being said, I can understand an artist who doesn't want his work displayed has that right. And I'm not opposed in any way to divulging the original artist... as YOU did here. Had I known the origin of the post I would have used that when I posted it originally.

Anonymous said...

Wats the matter with all u guys?
Jon always link to the sources (click on VIA)!