Sunday, June 24, 2007

Are you a computer geek?

Here are my results:



I thought I did better than that!   I thought I would score better.   Some of my friends think I’m a computer expert.  Fools!

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(The following two posts came from parts of this test)


Anonymous said...

Low Ranking Computer Geek. Definitely a Computer Geek, but low in the computer geek social structure.

Which surprises me!

Anonymous said...

haha I scored 64. considering i'm 17 and in a third world country, that's a pretty damn good score.

Mine is a Gin said...

68% - Low ranking computer geek.

As a programmer I suppose I should have a smidge of the geek in me, though I'm probably in denial!

Danno said...

I scored 26 eh...

Anonymous said...

15 and proud of it. I use computers DAILY and surf the 'net every day. I understand how to get around the problems computers pose. I don't care to know how to program 'em though. Leave it to the geeks! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. 87% Computer High Geek.
I can chalk a lot of this knowledge to being over thirty though.