Monday, June 25, 2007

Which is bigger - a 12 inch pizza or two 8 inch pizzas?

Think about it before you click.  (It’s too deep for me).


Click here to find out.



Miss Cellania said...

Too deep? Are you saying its a deep-dish pizza?

Jon said...

LOL. I didn't realize I said that!


Mudhooks said...

My question is... Who on Earth puts peas on a pizza?

Anonymous said...

The debate should be which one gets you more toppings and less crust. Why get extra pizza if all you're getting is extra crust?

Anonymous said...

Pizza + 3.14= PIZZA PIE

Anonymous said...

So I ask myself, what the hell am I doing on a thread that's 3 years old. I really need to get a life....or order a pizza.

Anonymous said...

i think you calculate wrongly. (i'm not sure, sorry if i'm wrong)

one 8" pizza = 32 x pi
but two is = 64 x 2pi

8" pizza radius = 4"

2 x pi x 4²
=2 x 16 x pi
=32 x pi (one pizza)

(32 x pi) x 2 = 64 x 2pi