Thursday, June 28, 2007

Catfish gets basketball stuck in its mouth

Catfishlv7A nature lover north of Sydney, Australia has saved a catfish stuck at the surface of a lake after swallowing a basketball.
The man saw a basketball bobbing on the surface of Lake Macquarie and went to investigate.
Much to his surprise, he discovered a flathead catfish that had bitten off more than it could chew by trying to swallow a basketball.
The fish was completely exhausted from trying to dive with its flotsome fare, which popped it back to the surface each time it tried to dive.
The concerned rescuer tried unsuccessfully to free the hapless fish from its unfortunate predicament.
Finally, he and his wife improvised a solution by slashing, and thereby deflating, the basketball.



Anonymous said...

This happened in Kansas.
2 years ago.

Eve said...

When i first saw the pic I thought it was some creepy painting, like h.r. giger or some bad accident