Sunday, June 24, 2007

No more cats




Anonymous said...

WHEY. I just happen to be a cat lover here. what's wrong with cats? is there much of a difference if it's a dog?

Anonymous said...

You're missing the point. Cat stuff is everywhere you look on youtube and google video and internet forums, and it's old and tired.

Go ahead and love your furball producing pet. Just please don't post cutesy videos or pictures of it to the rest of the internet.

Anonymous said...

You know the way you navigated to the cat pics? You can just surf yourself back wherever you came from if you don't like what you see.

The rest of the internet certainly finds YOUR bitching more offensive than pet pictures.

Anonymous said...

Just type "cat" at the top of the Bits & Pieces page and at least a dozen cat pics from this blog alone come up from the last 4 months... hmmmm.

Jon said...

Lighten up kids. I just posted this because I thought it was cute. Of course I've posted pics of cats that were funny. But there are a lot out there that aren't that funny or cute. You won't see those here. I'm currently not a cat owner (or dog for that matter), but I do like dogs more than cats, but can't aren't evil. But as anonymous # 2 noted there are just so many cat pictures out there and what's with the "CATS LOL" thing? I don't get that at all. Once in a while one of those is funny, but for thew most part they don't make any sense to me.
But its a free country and people can post what they want. So if cats are your thing, then good for you. If you hate cats (and I don't) then good for you too.

Hopefully you all find enough things here that you do enjoy or else you wouldn't keep coming back.
I do thank you come reading and commenting. Try to enjoy the silly things around us and keep laughing.


Anonymous said...

Jonco? Please, no more amusing pictures of anything. They bore and offend me. Please only show unamusing pictures, no matter what the subject.

Anonymous said...

anonymous# 5 is emo and is a bitch