Monday, July 23, 2007

How to write a really, really good obituary

Most obituaries are really not all that good and you are usually never around to read your own. Here are some great ideas if you want an exciting obituary that everyone will enjoy reading while you get back at your high school enemies.

Just one example:

1. Write your own obituary
First things first: you MUST write your own obituary or have a trusted friend do it BEFORE you die. If you do not, your Aunt (who writes her own blog) will write it and unless your Aunt is Lia, it will suck and you’ll be stuck with an awful obituary. When it is completed, make sure you send your obituary out to your family so that they can miss you while you are still alive and also pay to be included in the obituary (see section #5) or pay to be excluded from the obituary (see section #8.)

I wish I had read this a couple weeks ago.  I did the eulogy for my aunts funeral.  But I guess there’s a difference between a eulogy and an obituary.  Oh well.   Fun reading nonetheless.

How to write a really, really good obituary


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Doug said...

The eulogy is A LOT tougher as you actually have to face the family and you cannot do your own eulogy...


You could pre-record your own eulogy! Voice from the grave kinda stuff!

I honestly think that funerals are just too sad. Lighten up folks!