Saturday, July 28, 2007

I know my butts

Lets face it, we all like looking at a nice ass every once in a while, butt do you think you can identify whether or not the owner of certain butt's are male or female? We've put together a collection of butts to test your skills. Some are easy, some are not so easy, butt a true expert should get all of them right.

I took the quiz and got 9 out of 15 butts correct. 

How well do you know butts?  Take the Butt Quiz



chester said...


Miss Cellania said...

I didn't take the test til just now, and got 12 out of 15. I sure would like to know which ones I got wrong!

Anonymous said...

11 of 15. I admit I had to guess on a couple, and I went back and forth on many of them. Should have gone with my gut. I think the key is not to study the clothing. Just look at the shape (and see if there's any other evidence to help, such as hands, hair, etc.).

Anonymous said...

12 of 15 also.

Anonymous said...


I'm scared to know which ones I got wrong. I think I'd rather not.

Steve said...

13/15 - guess I win!