Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cow jailed after traffic accidents

CowA COW is in custody after causing traffic accidents that killed at least six people this year, Cambodian police say.

The cow, described by police as white and 1.5m tall, was standing in the middle of a main road in the Cambodian capital of Phom Penh last night when a motorcyclist crashed into it and died.

Earlier this year, the cow was responsible for an accident that killed five people when a truck veered off the road and crashed as its driver tried to avoid the animal.

Police officer Pin Doman said he was holding the cow at his police station.

He said the cow's owner had been warned four times in the past to keep his cattle tied up and could face prison time, the Associated Press reported.

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Anonymous said...

cows name was obviously T-Bone. and should be on a grill of a bar-b-que and not of a car.