Sunday, October 28, 2007

What kind of booger are you?

For Isabelle…. who commented on my post yesterday What kind of blogger are you? 

Here was her comment:

maybe I should have had my coffee before reading this post because I first read "what kind of booger are you?" I thought for a this is just wrong (laughing of course). Then my eyes focused properly...thanks for the laugh even though it was my morning eyes that weren't working right. lol

All it took was a question for Google  “What kind of booger are you? “  and of course there it was.  

What kind of booger are you?

I took the quiz, but to get the answer you have to submit your email address.  I already get enough spam mail, so I declined.


Half-Redneck said...

Don't feel bad Isabelle, because I read it the same way - what kind of booger are you - and I thought, How gross! You could be a purist, expert, undiscovered booger too - ha!

Half-Redneck said...

I meant to say that Jonco could be a purist, expert, undiscovered booger as well as a purist, expert, undiscovered blogger. I'll just shut up now. I must remember a closed mouth gathers no foot. Or idle hands gather no bad feedback...or something like that:)

Isabelle said...

hahaha...what a great place google is! At least I don't feel too bad about reading booger instead of blogger if I'm not the only one.