Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bird's-eye view of Tony Soprano's house

Sopranos house

Otherwise known as 14 Aspen Drive, North Caldwell NJ. 

According to it’s estimated value: $853,803



Anonymous said...

That house is worth way more than $853,000!

Michael said...

I live in nutley, thats next to north caldwell and i know that house its been estimated at 1.2 million or more if i'm not mistaken... Jersey Rules

Bob said...

I live in north caldwell. The exact town and the house is truly worth more. I think michael is right about the price and that Jersey rules

Anonymous said...

That house in Jersey! Easily worth over $2 million!

Anonymous said...

this is my aunts house. the house was estimated in the beginning of the year at 1.4 million.