Monday, December 03, 2007

Foul play

Foul play



Mike Savad said...

you know, at least you can give it the proper title "It's only a game" and my name Mike Savad.

you can purchase this picture here:

Anonymous said...

Delete his shitty picture Jonco.

Art krittick said...

Why do I need to buy this picture? I've already seen it.

Who are these people who post pictures on the net and then go around bitching about how they are misused? It's better now that someone re-titled it anyway.

Anonymous said...

I agree Art Krittick, plus why buy what you can get for free off the net for free!!! durrr... plus it was pathetic to boot.

Anonymous said...

picture wasn't even worth the key strokes to save it, what a pompus fool. Mike Savad a.k.a. Pompus Fool.