Saturday, December 08, 2007

Man sees Jesus in his chest x-ray

Xraytk4A man who recently had a chest X-ray done swore he could clearly see the image of Jesus on the photograph.

After experiencing chest pains, Reynaldo Farinas went to Homestead Hospital. While he was there, physicians ordered an X-ray of his chest.

Some say what that X-ray revealed could be a message from a higher power.

"Last night I checked and see the face of Jesus Christ there," Farinas said.

The Farinas' along with his physician and a medical technician said the image on the X-ray resembles Jesus Christ.

The doctor said he could not explain the silhouette.



Jesus said...

Jesus never existed.

Joanne Casey said...

What the hell is Jesus doing in there? Is he OK?

Anonymous said...

Jesus? I only see Dubya.

Anonymous said...

why would you eat jesus??? wwde ...??? what would jesus eat???

Anonymous said...

what a joke... some jack wad put xray in front of window... you can see clouds etc, and telephone polls blah blah blah along with some jesus sticker... how lame

WooHoo said...

Irrefutable proof Jesus existed!

Even though, no one know what Jesus looked like.

Say hallelujah and pass the collection plate.

Anonymous said...

So, if Jesus turned out to be a tumor, would it still be a blessing?