Friday, December 07, 2007

Who said The Donald was cheap?

Here is a receipt from The Buffalo Club that shows he left a ten thousand dollar tip.  Is it real?


From E-Online:

In 24 hours, the Donald went from quietly tipping a waiter $10,000 at Santa Monica’s Buffalo Club to calling it a "stupid restaurant." We should have followed our instincts when we couldn't get over the claim that he would do anything quietly.

He loudly told Page Six the truth: "This was done by the stupid restaurant to get publicity…It's not my signature." 

We admire the restaurant's courage to challenge the Donald at his own game, but did they really think this would fly? After all, there are a few intrinsic truths about the entrepreneur that we must all understand:

  • The Donald doesn't do overly kind gestures.

  • The Donald is the reigning king of cheap publicity.

  • The Donald has a hot wife, and you cannot call the Donald anything else but the Donald.

In the end, though, no harm done. Everyone who wanted publicity got it.

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