Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holy Prepuce missing

Yeah, I didn’t know what that was either until I read further:

The "Holy Prepuce," the supposed foreskin of Christ, has disappeared.
BananaWhen freelance writer David Farley first visited Calcata, Italy, five years ago, he figured it would make for a colorful article for a travel magazine.

The picturesque hill town 30 miles north of Rome featured a medieval castle and narrow cobblestone streets, as well as an international population of artists and ex-hippies who had saved the abandoned village from demolition.

Locals called it the "paese di fricchettoni" ("village of freaks"), and on an ordinary Sunday afternoon, one could find residents dressed in Indian saris strolling across the historic main square.

For more than four centuries, the "Holy Prepuce" had been the city's treasure, kept behind bronze doors over the altar in the Church of the Most Holy Name of Jesus. It was displayed every year on Jan. 1, the Feast of the Holy Circumcision. At one time, pilgrims who came to venerate it were rewarded with an indulgence that cut 10 years from their time in purgatory.

To believers in Jesus' Resurrection, Farley notes, the foreskin is "one of the only conceivable parts of his body that he could have left on Earth."

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Anonymous said...

wasn't that about the time ole' bobbet lost his willy???

Anonymous said...

Yummy!! So that's what they mean when the priest gives out and eats "The Body of Christ"!!!!

Hell- I'm going back to mass this Sunday to have me some o' that!!!!!! I love dried up, shriveled up Jesus Foreskin!!! This my friends is a delicacy.