Friday, December 14, 2007

I met this beautiful girl last night....

I met this beautiful girllast night.
She invited me back to her place
and we had the greatest
steamiest sex ever.

it wasn’t really the greatest sex ever,
it was more like medium-great sex,
and well, she didn’t exactly
invite me back to her place,
I sort of followed her home
to her apartment.

To be factual,
we didn’t actually have sex per se,
but we came very close.
You see we were fondling
each other pretty intensely.

Well, actually,
I was fondling her,
she wasn’t fondling me…
well, really,
I wasn’t actually fondling her,
our bodies just got very close together.
To be honest,
I just sort of brushed into her.

But it was great,
really hot and sensual you know?

Actually, to be specific,
it wasn’t really her that I brushed into,
it was actually the back of the chair
she was sitting in.

Although, the chair was…
on the other side of a wall you see…
in another room sort of.
And I was sort of leaning on the wall,
but the chair was very close to the wall,
very close.

Of course, she was on
the third floor and I was sort of…
on the street…
leaning against the building.

But wow!
What a night.



Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of reading this entire crap out loud to my spouse- and they just looked at me as if I were retarded.


Anonymous said...

How many spouses do you have?

Anonymous said...

Fantasy is often better than Reality

Anonymous said...

In answer to anonymous #2...

I have 4 spouses....

You should try it sometime, it's great!

Anonymous said...

she obviously has a multiple split personality.

Anonymous said...

in answer to anonymous 4... you must be deaf... and possibly dumb