Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Is it getting hot in here... or is it just me?

Bits & Pieces Reader Gary R sends along this instruction sheet for a heater he just bought.   I read it the first time and didn’t get it.  So I re-read it and highlighted the interesting part.


A new kind of maximum.

Thanks Gary


Derek Brink said...

...I don't even know what word they were going for...but that's fantastic.

dumas said...

they were trying for "its" but added an extra "t" in front of it.

Derek Brink said...

Ah...yeah, that makes sense. Thanks.

WooHoo said...

"tits maximum", would that be at the coldest setting?

Or, would the coldest setting actually be called "nipple maximum"

Either way, where can I buy one? (only kidding honey!)