Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bits & Pieces Shopping Spree

AquariumJellyfish Aquarium
The Aquapict Jellyfish aquarium shows beautiful color-changing jellyfish swimming as they do in the deep sea, but none of them are real!  Made with highly-realistic silicone, the Aquapict jellyfish swim and change color subtly with the five-color LED lighting system (red, yellow, green, blue, and purple). They move by a slow current created in the tank that does not have an obvious flow or bubbles that make it look fake. It looks unbelievably real and beautiful! Aquapict is perfect for bedrooms, desks, offices, restaurants, or anywhere people like to relax.

$169.00 here


Runaway Alarm Clock
Alarm clockThis is the alarm clock that rolls away and hides when you hit its snooze button, and it continues to emit a random pattern of beeps and flashes, encouraging drowsy sleepers to seek it out in order to shut it off. It is built from shatter-resistant ABS and has two rubber wheels that allow it to roll off your nightstand from a height of 2' when it sounds its alarm, so there is no mistaking that it is time to get up. The wheels can move over wood floors and carpet, so it can maneuver into unexpected corners, increasing the challenge to find it.  You can set the clock for one snooze cycle, one to nine minutes, before it seeks a hiding place, or for no snooze cycles for immediate escape. Includes low battery warning indicator; requires four AAA batteries. Wheels may be disabled in case of extreme frustration.

$49.95 here

Thanks Pam

Giant Swiss Army Knife

Swiss army

85 implements

110 functions

$1,200.00 here

viaMouse duck

Optical computer mouse will real rubber ducky
You'll get along swimmingly with your computer once you plug in this floating rubber ducky mouse that has real liquid inside! Watch with delight as the teeny duck and water splish and splash with every move of the mouse. It's smallish size makes it perfect for kids or teens computers, but why should the kids have all the fun?

Functions like a normal mouse with scroll button, right- and left-click buttons. Includes a USB plug for all PC and Mac computers. Designed in Switzerland. Made in China.

$30 here


Gorilla snotGorilla Snot
Gorilla Snot is a gripping aid. It has been developed by and for professionals who demand flexibility, functionality, and efficiency in the tools of their trade. A non-gooey, naturally refined tree rosin, Gorilla Snot reacts with your body's natural chemistry and heat output to retain a steady grip on picks drumsticks, bows, and any other hard to grip instruments.

$3.95 here


Deer Rear
Deer rearLooking for a little tail? FINALLY, there's a butt worth kissing! No fear, the Deer Rear is here! Now, I know I've offered plenty of unusual gifty items before, but this one is surely to be dear (er, deer) to us hunter types. It symbolizes the trophy wallhanger that got away. You know... the one your macho hunting buddy almost bagged. Be creative. Have your mounted deer trophy on one side of the wall, and line up this baby on the other side to look like a full deer. Of course, the Deer Rear makes an unforgettable conversation piece for your den, deer shack, trophy gallery or the office. Right now, my volume buy shaves big bucks bucks off! More: Real whitetail Rear is mounted by a professional taxidermist for long life. Approx. 12 x 12 x 15" h. (size will vary slightly). Weighs 2 1/2 lbs. Has wall mounting hardware. Nab yours ONLINE! Deer Rear

Only $99.97 here



It's a bit difficult to describe, because there's never been anything like it. It can best be described as a bazooka that shoots powerful balls of air.  It's not just a mild little wind, mind you. The Airzooka kicks out a huge, concentrated gust that can be felt 20 feet away.

Available here for $18.99




Paper shredderPaper Shreder Scissors
Meet the world's first PAPER SHREDDER SCISSORS. Up until now, paper shredders were costly and complicated electrical devices. Oh sure, if you run a spy agency or something, you want a heavy-duty paper shredder around. But for most of us, we only have to shred the occasional bill, credit card, or dirty photograph. And for tasks like that, the Paper Shredder Scissors is perfect!

$7.99 here



Butt-Face towel
Facebutt-3There's a serious problem in your bathroom that you're not even aware of. After your bath or shower, you might be drying your face with the same part of the towel that dried your butt the day before. Or worse yet, it might have dried someone else's butt!

 Think about it... using an ordinary towel, you have a fifty-percent chance of getting a face full of butt-tainted terry cloth. Yes, it's revolting, but has a solution.

The ingenious Butt-Face Towel brings sanitary sanity back into your bathroom. It's a quality, terry cloth bath towel with two clearly labeled ends. As you can see in the photos, one half is white with the word "FACE" boldly embroidered. The other end is brown (good color choice) and is embroidered with the word "BUTT."

$17.99 here

Deer hitchAnimated Hitch Critters
Take one of these critters for a ride on your trailer hitch.  Besides giving yourself a chuckle, these moving Hitch Critters plug in to oprovide a third brake light for added traffic safety. Moreover, they protect ball hitches from corrosion. 

Choose Waving Deer, Tail-Flopping Bass, Chomping Dog, Motorcycle-Riding Hog or Flapping Duck. Approx. 12-1/4" H x 3-1/4" W x 5" D. Not compatible with 2-5/16" tow balls.

$24.99 here



Maw said...

Looks kind a hard using thatarmyknife. It's no "hold-able"...

Anonymous said...

I don't think that jellyfish tank looks realistic. They move too fast and the strands don't move and float like real jellyfish, they just hang there.

Anonymous said...

I would kill for that Jellyfish tank. We were boating near Venice / Nokokmis last month and I bet I saw a zillion of the pink kind. It was heaven.

Anonymous said...

you should have swam with them wifemotherme! then you would be playing another tune!

Anonymous said...

that alarm clock wouldn't last long at my house, especially with a loaded gun at my bed side!!!

Anonymous said...

that deer looks pretty gay with a ball up it's ass.