Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hey, Where's everybody at?

Egg hatch



Anonymous said...

Photoshopped! Notice how all the eggs look the same? ;-)

Anonymous said...

No one is going to photoshop this. People photoshop when the intended scenario is practically impossible or bizarre. This is so simple to set up for the sole intention of a cute image. Taking the time to photoshop this is impractical. It's a good old fashioned picture.

Besides the eggs are all different.

Now keep your peep shut! jk

Anonymous said...

WOW, someone that didn't see the winking icon at the end of my post. I always knew there was at least one person that didn't know what they funny punctuation marks meant. :D

Anonymous said...

Most people that use those funny faces or lol's do it for punctuation instead of a period. It's not often that someone actually uses them as they were intended.