Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another Sopranos analysis

EveryonewearingblackA lengthy and interesting analysis of the Sopranos finale by writer Bob Harris.  He’s written for television and describes what he thinks are many, many intentional clues as to what happens at the last supper of Tony Soprano and his family.  He talks about how the color in scenes is so effective in creating moods and setting the stage for events to come.  He also talks about the music choices and what they mean. 

Other things to think about: 

  • Tony was wearing what appears to be the same shirt in the final scene as he was wearing when he was shot by Uncle Junior. 

  • Everyone in the final scene is wearing black.

  • Orange plays a prominent role in the final episode (as it did in the Godfather)

  • The diner scene is reminiscent of the Last Supper painting

  • The bell on the door rings six times when people enter ….. the call to mass

  • Did A.J. get whacked too…. or the entire family?

There are several links out to more information.  In a comment on one of these links was what I thought was a very interesting theory.  There was much talk about Bobby wondering whether you actually know when you’ve been whacked which aired a few episodes back.   This particular commenter thinks that it is you, the viewer, that got whacked.  That’s why the screen went to black.  I find that a very interesting theory to help explain the sudden ending to the series.  Of course it also leaves open the possibility of a movie or sequel in the future.  


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