Monday, June 18, 2007

A far cry from Viet Nam....

The photographer who took this picture of Paris Hilton last week…..

… also took this Pulitzer Prize winning one back in 1972

Photographer Nick Ut is the man responsible for both pictures.  Read the story.



Anonymous said...

Interesting info.

I've never known much about that famous photo, until doing some wikipedia research on it now.

Did you know there is video from the same moment that Vietnam picture was taken?

From what I read, the baby being carried didn't survive.

The girl - all grown up- who now lives in Ontario:

Sorry I didn't include any trivia about Paris. :p

Anonymous said...

Another link between the 2 photos... The Vietnamese girl was literally crying "TOO HOT, TOO HOT", while we all know the other one has some similar catchphrase.

Anonymous said...

Wrong photo of Paris - this one is not by Nick Ut.