Monday, June 18, 2007

Things a man should never do after the age of 30

Here are just a few from the list:

  • 1. Use the word party as a verb.

  • 6. Do impressions of Austin Powers characters, especially Dr. Evil.

  • 9. Crash on a friend's floor or couch.

  • 10. Refer to breasts as "chesticles."

  • 12. Let your underpants show above your jeans or below your shorts.

  • 19. Use the word dawg in a sentence when referring to a friend or, worse, yourself.

  • 34. Divide a restaurant bill with a friend in any way other than 50-50.

  • 47. Fall asleep in public.

  • 49. Pick a fistfight by thrusting out your neck, flexing, and screaming, "It's go time!"

The complete list from Esquire Magazine


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