Thursday, June 21, 2007

Close encounters with the rich and famous

What are the rich and famous really like.   MetaFilter has the answers.

Here are just a few from the list:

  • James Woods - Stepped on his toes at the after party for the premiere of The Commitments in Chicago. He was a total prick. So, yeah... much like his image.

  • Steve Martin - very funny after I literally bumped into him.

  • Penn Jillette: awesome and exactly like you'd expect. He has frogs named Columbo and Mrs. Columbo. Columbo has, of course, one eye. His house is like a fantasy of a three year old when you still wish your house could have secret passageways.

  • Matthew McConaughey: talkative. Dumb, but talkative. And really, when you're looking at that face and listening to that voice, you don't care what the words are. If you ever meet him, ask him about working with Jodie Foster. The story is too funny for words.

  • Tom Hanks: So nice that one suspects he must have some deep, dark secret. Like bodies hidden in his basement or something. It's just not possible to be that nice.

  • Jimmy Fallon showed up at the local watering hole recently, and was amazingly patient with the hordes of university kids with cameras trying to strike up conversations with him.

  •  Jamie Farr--nice, nice man. Personal friend of my in-laws. Not nearly as dumb as Klinger

  •  I was sitting on a couch in a bar in NYC and suddenly realized that Paul Shaffer was sitting next to me. He bought me a drink.

  • Jim and Tammy-Fae Baker had their compound across the lake from my grandparents in South Carolina. Tammy was, of course, a big jerk to all within shouting range.

  • And back when I was bartending, the late Charles Bronson would come in from time to time. He didn't want anyone to interact with him aside from the help. He was cordial but you could kind of tell that he'd already imagined killing you while he was giving you his order.

  •  Steve Guttenberg- a little too friendly, came on a little strong, was polka-dancing with us and drinking my beer

  • Carl Reiner - Wonderfully nice, sweet man. Could be your grandfather. He even gave me a hug!

  • Jack Nicholson while filming the 'The Witches of Eastwick' in Marblehead, MA came out in the rain to shake hands with everyone hanging around the building they were using for filming.

Many, many more… and many of whom I’ve never heard of.


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Will said...

Lets see, i've had a few run ins with the famous:

Ling Bai: worked on a movie with her, she was very sweet and nice; very approachable and friendly. Also very goregous and graceful in person.

Nick Nolte: All the rumors are true, this guy is hardcore. Very friendly, quite odd and f*cked up all the time. Besides all this, he is an amazing performer and actor; extremly professional/talented when it mattered.

Tommy Lee Jones: Grade A, Certified ASSHOLE!!! What a chump, very rude and way too elitest. Although talented and good at what he does, he comes off as quite a demanding jerk and uncharacteristicly ungreatful.